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is basically an online app used to play videos or deal with your study or quizzes as a game. Kahoot is basically n online digital software. The interesting application which is used to create, deal, engage and manage quizzes, playing games as well as to main the time limit to quizzes. The main benefit from Kahoot is to teachers. Teachers mostly said that the content which enhances the capability of students cannot be done by mobile phones in online quizzes but Kahoot has solved this problem and gave a beautiful solution for this.

Kahoot is simply software, app and an application that can be downloaded from Google; in android we can download it from play store. In Pc we can download or run it online by searching bar in the Google. To the search bar in the Google we have to write Kahoot and then click the link home of the Kahoot. In android we can simply download the app from play store. It has great rating as well as great features.

Kahoot has helped us aloot in online study. Any subject teacher especially a math teacher has to face a great difficulty in taking online quizzes. But Kahoot in this way helps a lot to teacher quite interestingly. In Kahoot we can deal with a lot of great benefits. Those educational institutions that have great difficulty in taking online quizzes can have to buy Kahoot deal with thus difficulty as well as to take benefits from it.

Now, let’s talk about its features. After downloading we can see two options written and create. To create quiz we have to create particular logo, add particular image or any picture related to that quiz of the subject. Then after that we have to write the description. It also have a great privacy that rather you r showing that quiz to everyone or a few you allow them. To create a paper it has great explore factures such as to create a paper of true or false, opened ended questions, to create paper puzzle and slides respectively. Suppose we want to make a quiz on true or false paper we can do it easily or also add image related to questions.  The excellent feature is also Time limit. For example, the teacher wants from s student to answer one question in 20 Seconds. If student has done the answer of this question in 20 second. If a student complete that question within the given time limit, its great and student have covered tat mcqs. If a student do not cover the answer of this question in the given time limit the questions disappears and student loses its opportunity to attempt that question. So it’s a great beneficial and effective to take online quizzes and tests respectively.

It’s like a game when teacher make quiz it needs to be uploaded on students’ lms profile or any other way. The students have two options on Kahoot rather they to study or to pay game. Here they have to deal their quizzes as game. Then after choosing play the game mode then either it is assign challenge to host live. The students have to click to assign as challenge. In case of host live we also we also have players to play game it means here we are dealing as a host. So the case of host is for teachers who assign quiz to students. Te teacher have to share link or pin of their quiz to students. The students take their pin and deal is as game pin code. The teacher have to copy that link o share to Google Classroom , email l or any other social media account to which the students who have to take quiz can take that link and start their quiz as a deal of paper.

It is also very careful for teachers to give reasonable time limit to students according to the requirement of those students. Students are dealing with quizzes as games. To play game we can join on the classic mode and the music behind literally. When a student joins the quiz as a player, the 1st question appears. After done the 1st question we can click on the next written on the bottom of every question. . Also the score average of every right correction of question or mcqs appears in the bottom of every question after that you click your answer.

Kahoot can also be used to fun because quizzes in kahoot is dealing as game and literally the back music is great and a lot of enjoyed by students. It is safe and secure software to use. It is encrypted. The Kahoot is not only foe teachers and students but also for social media interact. It is great beneficial as well as digitally. It costs standard per price of home is $120 at the rate of. Otherwise the monthly Plan for one user is only $15.

As well as it has great befits for us It also have a few drawbacks. The 1st one is to lead to complex level for students. The lesson learnt that is that to given time may not be enough to cover that question also to calculate the image calculations also face difficulty. For example the question is to calculate the area of give triangle from image. But due to low connectivity image does not show or appears in Kahoot. So the wifi or internet connect should be strong enough to deal with Kahooot.

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